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»нтерфейс Modero AMX NXV-300, FG2263-01

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The Modero NXV-300 is an ideal solution when you need the intelligence and ease of use that only a touch panel can offer but from remote locations Ц the back of the room, across the campus or anywhere over the Internet.

This small rack-mountable device (similar in size to an NI-700 NetLinx Controller) allows users to access their system via any PC or Mac via Virtual Network Connection (VNC). Users simply navigate to the device using a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari for PCs and Firefox and Safari for Macs) and login with a username/password.

Except for viewing the device in a browser window and interacting with a mouse, everything looks and works similar to using an Modero Touch Panel. And the NXV-300 is easily configured for viewing. It is viewable in two resolutions, 800x480 and 480x272, which allows the use of many existing touch panel page files.

Ideal for simplified room control, convenient back-up in case a touch panel is inaccessible, cost-effective secondary control, or enhanced help desk support.
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